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About Us

Unshakable Builders, Inc founded in 2009, is an elite construction company based in Greenville, North Carolina, specializing in custom homes and home renovations. Each project is given the careful attention, creativity, and respect necessary to give the client the outcome that they both need and desire. We work closely with our clients through every phase of the building process. Unshakable Builders is a certified E300 builder, certified VA Builder, certified Fed Builder and certified Lead Builder.

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Meet Our Leader


We are proud to offer the skills of an award winning team that is dedicated to excellent customer service and top-quality results that last a lifetime. When you build with Unshakable Builders, you are a part of the team.

Our company is built on the core beliefs of its founder, NC Licensed General Contractor, Dewitt Newkirk, that each of the company’s projects should begin with a strong foundation of trust, competency, and the rich traditions of construction. Unshakable Builders has quickly developed a stellar reputation as the premiere custom home construction company in Eastern North Carolina.


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